It doesn’t matter what medication on earth you try and how much money you can spend on treating herpes. At the end, natural herbs are the only hope that actually works. However, using herbs is not always that easy. Sometimes you don’t have enough of resources, and many other times, you don’t have that time to prepare your own herbal medicine, right? For those who are actually busy and want the goodness of herbs to act against the infection developing in their body, we have come up with an easy way. No, we haven’t discovered anything new, but have found something that exist since thousands of years. In Asian countries, ayurveda is being used to treat daily illnesses as well as chronic diseases. However, the increased interest in herbs has made this ancient yet modern science reach every country in the world. If you look at it from the perspective of an herpes patient, you will find it perfect to treat herpes ayurvedically. Now you may ask why?

See, by now all of us have realized how hazardous it is to use antiviral drugs in case of herpes, right? Then came a time when everyone was after herbs. For some it worked and for some it did not. The simple reason was lack standardization in the herbal treatment. However, when we came to know about ayurveda, all the doubts were clarified. Rather than going into much details about the science, it is better for the time being that you view it as something that combines various herbs in a scientific manner to heal human body. So, now those for whom herbs did not work because of some reason, there is a golden chance to get yourself treated, and this time you can be sure of effectiveness because we are moving on with a scientific healing process.

So, let us quickly see some of the ways we can trust herpes ayurvedically. Here are some of the ayurvedic medicines for herpes that have transformed the lives of many herpes patients.

Harital bhasma:  Harital bhasma is used since ages to treat skin problems, specifically skin disease that result in itching and inflammation. Can you relate all this to the cold sores? Yes, those who have suffered from the panic will easily reach there when we talk about itching and inflammation. In addition to its effectiveness in skin problems, this ayurvedic medicine is also helpful in a variety of sexually transmitted Diseases. And you know herpes is one of them. In fact, today, herpes is the most common sexually transmitted problem.The ayurvedic practitioners usually prescribe 125mg of harital bhasma to be taken once or twice every day depending on the severity of the infection. If you have frequent herpes outbreaks, or your immunity has literally collapsed due to excessive use of allopathic drugs, you may be given a higher dose, or a few other ayurvedic medicines along with harital bhasma. All can use this ayurvedic product except pregnant women, those who are breast feeding their babies. Children below the age of 15 should also not be given harital bhasma.

Triphala:  The word “tri” stands for three and “phala” is for fruits. So, triphala contain the goodness of three magical medicinal fruits and herbs- amla, haritaki and bibhitaki. It is an ayurvedic medicine that is used by people to have a healthy body and a long life. However, herpes patients can also gain benefits from the same. How? This ayurvedic medicines for herpes prepare your body to fight against many infections including herpes. It raises the immunity, improves your digestive strength and gives any invader a tough fight. So, triphala is an essential element to treat herpes ayurvedically.

You can be given triphala alone, or with a set of ayurvedic medicines for herpes that may give a comprehensive treatment. The most widely used method is ingesting triphala as tea. This method allows one to have the taste of the herb completely, and taste is considered by Ayurveda to be an important part of the healing process. However, you can also take it in powder form with lukewarm water twice every day.

Chandi bhasma:  Chandi bhasma contain the ashes of silver preprocessed ayurvedically to make it suitable to take in. there are reports that silver nanoparticles have the strongest antiviral action. Scientists even claim that silver can be used for treating deadly diseases like HIV. This was just a hint to all those in search for a cure for herpes. On further clinical testing, it was revealed that products like chandi bhamsa can do magical benefits in case of both the types of herpes.

Whether you have oral herpes or genital herpes, or any other type of infection, the ayurvedic doctor may prescribe you a light dose of chandi bhasma. In severe cases of herpes, chandi bhasma can be given in higher doses too. Because it is safe under a certain limit, you don’t have to actually bother about the side effects.

GIloy tablets:  Giloy or Tinospora cordifolia is an Indian medicinal plant that has been used in ayurvedic formulas as an active or passive ingredient for the treatment of various ailments for centuries now. Giloy tablets are also used just like triphala to enhance the health and keep diseases at bay. However, the giloy tablets are indeed one of the bets ayurvedic medicines for herpes.

Those who have used giloy tablets to treat herpes ayurvedically have reported great success. Many of them are living a herpes free life for years now, and are still taking giloy tablets because it keeps their body disease free. Giloy extract and juices are also available, and you can choose the one you are comfortable taking because as long as it contains the goodness of giloy, the form doesn’t really matter.

Neem oil and neembadi kadha:  The leaves of neem acts as astringent and this is why it is used in several types of infections. However, in case of herpes, you need stronger treatment that can act internally as well as externally. Only then you will leave no way for the herpes simplex virus to survive. Be it skin infection or stomach infections, if you drink the extract of neem leaves available in neembadi kadha regularly, the results can be magnificent. Yes, the taste is something you have to ignore.

Neem oil is also given in infections like herpes. Till the last decade, people used to apply the paste on neem leaves externally on skin wounds etc. but today we have so many alternatives available in ayurveda that we don’t have to actually play with the herbs. So, use neem oil on the cold sores as this reduces the chances of developing a secondary infection and also reduces the healing time taken.

Herpoveda:  In the sections above, we have discussed some of the ayurvedic medicines for herpes. These ayurvedic medicines are effective enough to treat herpes ayurvedically, but are not specifically formulated to target the herpes simplex virus. If you want something that is prepared keeping in mind the symptoms of herpes, its incurability, and the impact it leaves on the minds of herpes patients, it is herpoveda. Herpoveda is an ayurvedic medicine, or rather I should say a combination of ayurvedic medicines for herpes that contain all the ingredients required for getting rid of herpes.

Just like the other ayurvedic medicines for herpes, herpoveda can also be used by anyone and everyone. As it is exclusively made up of herbs and strictly follow the process of ayurvedic preparations, you can trust it for not only safety, but also for effectiveness.

These were some of the ayurvedic medicines for herpes, but they are not all. Ayurveda has a lot more potential and apart from ayurvedic medicines for herpes, you can also get yourself healed from a variety of therapies. In short, you don’t have to buy expensive and harmful allopathic antiviral drugs. You no more have to bear the painful herpes outbreaks either. And you will definitely live a herpes free life, a life without the threat of developing cold sores, and a life without antiviral drugs. Yes, it is possible and this time, every single herpes patient is going to get rid of the menace because we have something immensely powerful. It won’t be wrong to say that the world finally has found an answer to herpes in an ancient healing science. So, go ahead and get your body nourished with ayurvedic medicines for herpes while they help you live a herpes free life.

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